Ways to Save $$ That Might Go Too Far, Maybe Aren’t Worth It, But I Love to Do Anyway

A few years ago, for some inexplicable reason, I HAD to have Papa Murphy’s Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern pizza. So my BF bought a normal pepperoni pizza (with a coupon, of course), and then just… Continue reading

5 Things I’m Not Wasting My Time On Anymore

After recently returning home from a 4-month stay in Puebla, Mexico teaching English, I have become very concerned with, and some might say a bit obsessive over, saving money, spending it as frugally… Continue reading

Believing in My Own Eternity

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – the White Queen, Alice in Wonderland. What are the six impossible things you believe in? Although the popular mantra of today… Continue reading

Levelling Up Into a Wall-Scaling Monkey

I have been very interested in the idea of using aspects of video games to solve real-life problems and accomplish real-life goals. A blog post on just this topic is currently Freshly Pressed,… Continue reading

A Wonderful “Beer & Food Pairing” Failure

I went on a walk through the nice neighborhoods (not my trailer park neighborhood) and nice parks today to see the fall colors in the trees and feel that fall crispness on my… Continue reading

Ice, Ice, Baby!

This post is in response to the Daily Post‘s Weekly Writing Challenge. The theme of this week’s challenge is “sound.” I decided to not only write about my favorite sound but write without… Continue reading

I <3 Zines, Do You?

  I love to make zines, I love to think about making zines, I love to make zines in my mind, and I love other people’s zines, too. I probably mutter “Ziiiiiiiines…” (said in… Continue reading

The requisite “Things To Do Before I Turn 25” post

These lists are all over the Internet and I admit to have scoured through them in times of procrastination and ennui. Here’s mine– 24 Things To Do Before I Turn 25. 1. Teach… Continue reading

You might be surprised by what really motivates you

I’ve had a hard time finding lasting motivation throughout my life so I’m always looking for different ways to get me up out of bed and jazzed. Here are some failed ideas from… Continue reading

The Violent Life of a Spent-Grain Chocolate Chip Cookie

I am many things, I am nothing, I am air. The components that will soon make me up are stashed in cupboards or sitting on shelves in a fridge in a tiny, unassuming… Continue reading