The requisite “Things To Do Before I Turn 25” post

These lists are all over the Internet and I admit to have scoured through them in times of procrastination and ennui. Here’s mine– 24 Things To Do Before I Turn 25.

1. Teach English in Mexico Taught in Puebla, Mexico for 4 months at the Heslington school. Great way to experience Mexico.

2. Make a writing portfolio

3. Learn advanced grammar (Chicago Manual of Style, here I come! …… Psssh, yeah right. That thing is monstrous. No surrender, nevertheless.)

4. Know how to incapacitate a potential mugger/rapist (It’s something like eyes, neck, balls, right? Or poke out eyes, nail the balls, and sweep the legs??)

5. Get a cool job (Probably the hardest one.)

6. Regularly self-publish a zine (A bit adolescent, but too much fun.)

7. Get motorcycle license

8. Build wardrobe that contains outfits, not just button-up shirts and white t-shirts

9. Improve Spanish

10. Get my household in shape (By this I mean, get everyone exercising and looking less saggy.)

11. Make kick-ass Halloween costume (You’ve got to respect the best holiday of the year and step it up!)

12. Learn computers (especially Photoshop, WordPress and HTML)

13. Visit the Grand Canyon (I don’t even really want to hike it, just live on a cliff for a couple of days, watching the sun rise and set there.)

14. Become an insane skier this winter (hopefully, if it snows enough)

15. Learn stitching and embroidery (Visit SmallestForest often to keep me going)

16. Fine-tune British accents (Mine are pretty crap, but here’s a fun video of many different accents)

17. Become expert home masseuse (This skill is great to have for paying off personal debts when you are broke ;))

18. Go paintballing at least once

19. Eat delicious food (Eat less–not no more– but less Top Ramen.)

20. Stop feeling so anxious with people who are not my dog and my mum (Seriously, it’s bad.)

21. Laugh more and stop hating self for not-that-big-a-deal things (like forgetting to add flour to cookies- ..kind of a big deal, ruined cookies)

22. Keep strong relationships strong

23. Go see the fall foliage in the Rocky Mountains

24. ?

I can’t really think of anything for the last one. Maybe fly a kite. Or go to a strip club? Anyways, that’s that and I hope I can say I accomplished most of them by the end of next summer. :)