I <3 Zines, Do You?


I love to make zines, I love to think about making zines, I love to make zines in my mind, and I love other people’s zines, too. I probably mutter “Ziiiiiiiines…” (said in a languid, dreamy, drooling Homer Simpson tone) as I fall asleep each night. I just thought I’d profess my undying love for them right here and now.

Here’s a huge and beautiful list of zines.

What could be better than someone’s patchwork of messy, delicious thoughts put down on paper. That’s right, paper!

Now, as much as people like to speak about the doomsday of paper and publishing, it’s still a big part of my life. And yes, it’s a bit ironic to praise the virtues of paper on a blog, but why not? I love blogs, too. But can you imagine how grand life would be if there was a “paper” option on everyone’s blog and if you clicked it, a hot-off-the-press edition of it would chug out of the side of your laptop? Wow. Awesome.

Regardless, if you’ve never made a zine, and you have the means, I highly recommend it. You just draw or paint or sketch stuff on plain white paper. Or, if you want to get all Picasso-y, you can tear up paper found elsewhere (from ELLE magazines, requests for donations from your alumni association, and free weeklies) and rearrange it on plain white paper in new, exciting ways.

Here are a couple of pictures of my zine in the works.


Now, nobody but me is going to read that Editor’s Letter (written to pretty much every girl on the planet, who speaks English) and nobody but me is really going to relish the hooky pastel collages and the feel of those hard, dimpled pages (too much Elmer’s glue), but that’s alright.

Here’s to zines! And to paper! And to recycling! To keep the paper coming. For more zines.