5 Things I’m Not Wasting My Time On Anymore


After recently returning home from a 4-month stay in Puebla, Mexico teaching English, I have become very concerned with, and some might say a bit obsessive over, saving money, spending it as frugally as possible, and wasting nothing. I’m not sure why I’ve become so compelled to wash the dishes with just a trickle of water, deliberate endlessly over whether to throw out some old, highly unfashionable undies or sew them into a pair of stuffed, patchwork slippers, and park about a 20-minute walk from my destinations downtown to avoid paying a few bucks. It is a brand new, pretty lame obsession, but one that I constantly find ways to improve upon and make more insane!

Something that goes part and parcel with this is my time. Time=money, as it is often said. And even though that is hardly the case for me at the moment, I have taken to investing just as much thought into saving my time as I have in saving my hard-earned, hardly ever spent pennies.

1. Beer Fests. I went to at least a million of these in the past couple of years. Living in Colorado, it’s hard not to get caught up in the craft brew hype, being a beer lover and all. But why? So many of them feature many beers you’ve already tried, decided you’re not a fan of, or surmised you like just to sip on a bit of. I have had my good times at them, once getting the Oskar Blues pourers to combine every brew into one mega G’Knight Gubna Dale’s Little Yella Ten Fidy Chub disaster. For me, it’s turned into just a rush to try everything, not really savor much, and get wasted, therefore ruining the next day for you.

2. Video Games. This one kind of disappoints me. The allure of the hot gamer chick always drew me into trying to become a fan. Life just seems better as one. But I just can’t fathom spending all that time in a make-believe world when I can be fixing my car, re-painting the house, baking homemade pies, and shooting hoops out in the rain. Now, I haven’t done all (most) of those things, but it’s all I can think about doing once I start shooting down alien robots with a weak, not strategic weapon (because I never take the time to figure all that out) in a floating space hub that’s about to explode.

3. Spending Forever on Makeup, Hair. I admit I was never one to start getting ready for a night “out” an hour before departure time. But I now feel steadfast and unshakable in my opinion that us girls really have better things to do than coat our pores with 5 layers of, like, base, powder, sheen, etc., to make it look as though we have done nothing to our face. I’d rather go tend to my herb garden, which, again, I do not have.

4. Watching TV… alone. Part of this is probably because I’m watching the wrong TV shows. But I like nit-picking and criticizing them with a fellow cynic. I just can’t go through another Mindy Project again without anybody to snicker to, is she seriously complaining about another not-a-big-deal-at-all thing again? I probably think that, because I am super low maintenance and easy going, chill with whatevas you wanna do. Sheesh… And after watching the entire Wire series, what’s the point, really?

5. Attending Free Events Willy Nilly. With a boyfriend who is always signing up for free everything, something comes up at least once a week for us to do that has nothing to do with either of our interests like a chef’s demo tasting for Garbanzo or entrance into some art gallery party. Sometimes the travel and wasted time pays off in a delicious free burrito from Garbanzo, but sometimes you just end up feeling out of place and ridiculous. Just because something’s free doesn’t mean it deserves your attention.

So that’s it. Once you start thinking about how to better spend your time, you realize how stupidly you really do spend a lot of your time, whether you’re reading dumb Top 10, 50 Ways To, 25 Things To… lists on the internet (kind of like this one!), walking 20 minutes to an interview because you didn’t want to pay $2.00, or bothering your brother while he tries to do engineering homework. Gees, maybe we should just give up on life. Although, ironically, that would probably be the biggest waste of time of all.