The decaying charm of the Gates Rubber Factory

Sometimes it feels plain unjust and careless how places, people, everything is eventually let to drift so far into the sea of the past that there’s no chance of it ever returning to… Continue reading

Don’t be just another convenience store

I work at a convenience store. That fact has yet to fully sink in, but despite my lowly standing as a Sunshine Mart employee, I realize things could be much worse. I could… Continue reading

A lazy, hallucinatory day

My hands smell like Pake’s oily hide and Noguri seafood soup. The day is hot and open like a cracked shell, spilt with all the harshness of the bare, unclouded elements. The painters… Continue reading

I want to be a cart vendor someday

“There Is No Spoon” sells various types of hearty mash out of a brown sherbet van with a brick chimney, somewhat crooked, toppling out of the machination like the Weasley’s Pisa-like abode. It… Continue reading